Daughter on phone with a healthcare specialist checking in on her father.

WV Caring provides TeleCaring, which will create an added layer of care to help caregivers and patients in their homes. TeleCaring is a proactive daily tuck-in call, which has been proven to improve continuity of care, reduce costly trips to the emergency room, and help patients and families to have more confidence in their daily routine.

TeleCaring calls improve continuity of care, and reduce healthcare expenses by quickly identifying patient needs. An experienced, healthcare TeleCaring Specialist, who is part of every patient’s ‘care team,’ will call each patient or caregiver daily to help identify any questions or concerns they may have related to medications, symptom management, care issues, equipment, supplies or any non-medical concerns.


This program makes it feasible to touch every home patient daily and take proactive action on their needs, such as uncontrolled symptoms, prescription problems and raise the caregiver’s confidence. It is so important with in-home care that our patients and families have this communication, which will lead to better patient outcomes and overall experience.

“It’s advancements and innovations like TeleCaring that will give all of our patients and families here in West Virginia the highest quality care and experience.”

Malene DavisFounding President

WV Caring’s partner organization, Capital Caring, known for its world-class service delivery, launched TeleCaring in 2014. The results were so significant that Malene Davis, MSN, MBA, CHPN, Capital Caring’s President and CEO, and others published a quality improvement report entitled, “A Model for Effective and Efficient Hospice Care: Proactive Telephone-Based Enhancement of Life Through Excellent Caring, “TeleCaring” in Advanced Illness” in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, Vol. 50 No. 3, September 2015 issue.