Grief and Loss

Life Transitions

Loss counseling

Our Grief and Loss counseling is a community-based program that provides services throughout North Central West Virginia. The services are available on-site, in the home, or in one of our offices.  We offer help and support to those who have experienced loss due to death or other life circumstances.

As you cope with a serious illness, you may experience feelings of loss, emotional distress, and depression. It is common to feel sad, anxious and grief-stricken as your day-to-day life begins to change. The truth is, living with a progressive disease is tough, and it puts tremendous strain on patients and families. We want you to know you are not alone. WV Caring’s Grief and Loss Team can help you sort through the overwhelming and often conflicting feelings that bombard you when you least expect it. Our team includes trained and licensed social workers, bereavement counselors and chaplains.

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