Innovations will Improve Care, Better Outcomes and Reduce Healthcare Expenses

Arthurdale, WV (May 10, 2016) – Hospice Care Corporation (HCC), one of the largest and oldest non-profit hospice organizations in West Virginia is excited to formalize a partnership with Capital Caring, a nearly 40-year-old non-profit hospice organization in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. The joint operating agreement between these organizations will better utilize resources and maximize opportunities for both providers.

Both community-based, non-profit hospices share the same philosophy in core values, mission, and vision; combined with nearly seventy years of experience providing hospice care. This collaboration brings innovative solutions to improve quality of care with better patient outcomes, and to compete as a non-profit in an ever increasingly for-profit world. The two hospices have been informally collaborating for almost a decade. Malene Davis, President and CEO of Capital Caring, is a native West Virginian and was the first employee of Hospice Care Corporation more than 30 years ago. As its Founding President, Davis has continued to mentor HCC by sharing best practices, industry news and updates, and advancements in the hospice industry. This relationship has benefited HCC; however, it is time to join forces in this ever-changing healthcare environment.

“Over the past decade, I have been very fortunate to work at Capital Caring, in our nation’s capital, while mentoring Hospice Care as the Founding President. I was able to apply the knowledge I gained at Hospice Care to my work at Capital Caring, which helped me fulfill Capital’s mission to simply improve care for our neighborhoods in need. Working closely with government healthcare entities enabled me to multiply my knowledge, and now bring it back home to West Virginia. We are now blessed to have things come full circle and for these two community based hospices to join forces to build a stronger and more enduring Hospice Care Corporation,” said Ms. Davis.

This collaboration comes at a time when patients and families need end-of-life care that is adapting along with the ever-changing healthcare landscape. And when non-profits need to create efficiencies both in back office work sharing and hands on training and procedures.

In May, HCC is introducing TeleCaring, which will create an added layer of care to help caregivers and patients in their homes. TeleCaring is a proactive daily tuck-in call, which has been proven at Capital Caring to improve continuity of care, reduce costly trips to the emergency room, and help patients and families to have more confidence in their daily routine.

“The feedback on TeleCaring has been amazing, from families, caregivers, and staff. It’s a game changer. People are being coached through this journey. Some of our patients are 80 and 90 years old, and I cannot think of a group more deserving of this kind of care,” said Davis.

Hospice Care and Capital Caring both fill unmet patient care needs by taking on complicated diagnoses, making sure hospice pediatric care is available to our communities, and more that is not provided by other end-of-life care providers. In a majority of cases, Medicare’s Hospice Benefit or commercial insurance plans make advanced illness care available at no cost, but West Virginia currently ranks 42nd in hospice utilization rates nationwide, so partnerships like this are critical to getting West Virginians the care they need and deserve.

About Hospice Care:

Hospice Care Corporation, a 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization, is dedicated to serving the terminally ill and their families individuals transitioning through life-limiting illness while providing outreach, education and expertise in grief support to the entire community. Hospice Care Corporation serves 12 counties in West Virginia since 1983. It is owned by the communities it serves in North Central West Virginia. In fact, Hospice Care is one of a few not for profit, stand-alone hospices serving this area. For more information on what we do please visit our web site at or call us at 1-800-350-1161.

About Capital Caring:

Since 1977, Capital Caring has simply improved care for those facing life-limiting illness through direct support of patients and their families, public education and advocacy. Since its inception, Capital Caring has provided hospice, palliative care and counseling to more than 84,000 patients and their families. Nearly 800 employees and 1,000 volunteers have traveled more than 1.8 million miles to provide these services to nearly 1,200 patients each day. As one of the nation’s oldest and largest non-profit providers of hospice and palliative care, Capital Caring is proud to provide nearly $3 million in charitable care to families in need annually. To learn more about Capital Caring visit