Hospice Care Corporation recently signed a Joint Operating Agreement with its longtime collaborative partner, Capital Caring of the Maryland, Virginia and DC region. This exciting development formalizes a collaboration that has been occurring for nearly 10 years and will enhance direct patient care programs, expand training opportunities for employees of HCC and Capital Caring, and will create administrative efficiencies between our organizations.

“Our concern is for the moms and dads who rely on the services we provide,” said Ms. Malene Davis, President and CEO of Capital Caring and Founding President of HCC. “We are thrilled to work more closely with Capital Caring to make sure our patients receive the same world-class services and programs available for our patients.”

This partnership is particularly important for Davis, whose hospice career began in 1988, when she became the first employee of HCC. In 2006, she joined Capital Caring as President and CEO and established the informal partnership that has existed ever since. As a proud West Virginia native and dedicated West Virginia University alum, this partnership is a special homecoming for her. “I could not be more proud of the achievements made by Capital Caring and Hospice Care Corporation,” she recently said. “This partnership simply gives us greater opportunities to care for more people at a critical point in their lives. And that’s what hospice services are all about – caring for those who are least able to care for themselves.”

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