Camp Nabe (Nah’ bee) is a bereavement camp designed for children 6-14 who have experienced the death of a loved one. The camp is offered at no cost and is open to any child in West Virginia. The event contains fun activities intermixed with coping skills and appropriate alternatives in expressing their grief.

Since 1996, Hospice Care Corporation has held Camp Nabe to support children and teens in West Virginia who have lost a loved one. Camp Nabe provides the opportunity to spend a day with their peers who have also experienced loss. This day camp is free of charge and is open to any child age 6 – 14. Campers discover that they can live life in a changed world with a new relationship to their loved one who has died.

Camp Nabe focuses on the unique grief process of children. Utilizing fun activities, trained counsellors, art therapy, and large and small group activities, the Camp empowers each Child to be able to express their grief and successfully cope with the feelings of their loss.

Help for the Whole Family

The pain of a death affects the whole family. As adults, we often are at a loss at both how to help the child we love who is hurting, and how to take time to heal ourselves.

Camp Nabe runs concurrent sessions for the adult(s) in the child’s life. The purpose is that each family member is individually strengthened and supported so that the entire family can move forward together on their journey of grief to a place of new normal.

If you are interested in for your child(ren) attending camp and being a part of our adult(s) concurrent sessions, or volunteering in a professional or support capacity, please download the applications below or call us at 1-800-350-1161.

Adult Volunteer Application

Nabe Camper Application