Lecture series sparks new discussion, improves care

Hospice Care recently teamed up with West Virginia University to present its fourth annual Perry G. Fine, MD lecture series. This series was focused on a subject that medical practitioners of all kinds battle against: pain.

WBoy 12 New’s Malarie Dauginikas covered the event, and interviewed several speakers. A quote:

“In West Virginia, we do know that one of the problems we have from inadequate pain assessment and management is the over-utilization of the opioid analgesics and drug-related problems that come from that. So, people need to learn how to better manage pain,” Dr. Perry Fine, a professor of anesthesiology at the University of Utah, said.

He and other doctors spoke at the fourth annual Pain Lecture Series.

Dr. Tim Deer, who is a clinical professor at WVU-Charleston, is researching new ways to treat pain.

“The most common chronic pain patient has a lombard spine disease, so they’re non-cancer, non-end-of-life. And, they’re going to be functional for many years. In those patients, we prefer to think about things like spinal cord stimulation, where we can put a device in, pace the nerves and try to improve pain without medication,” Deer said.

Fine says one of the best ways to treat pain is through an interdisciplinary method, including using their brains to help cope with the pain.

The annual lecture series has sparked thought and discussion for years, and this time around was no different. Thanks in part to events such as this, we are constantly evolving patient care to be as comfortable as possible.