Comfortable patients enjoy life more

I’ve noticed that many obituaries give thanks to hospice workers who care for the deceased at life’s end. Hospice care allows the terminally ill and aged to die at home with a measure of comfort and dignity traditional medicine doesn’t provide.

Vera Richter, 96, my mother, died June 16 in my home with her four adult children at her bedside. She received hospice care the last two weeks of her life, and I recommend it.

It’s personal, it focuses on comfort, not heroic life-extending measures and it is less expensive than traditional health care. It worked for us.

This quote, from a Times Union editorial, is just the start of a personal and touching story regarding the author’s own experiences with his mother and hospice care. The story is, at its core, an explanation of why more and more people continue to choose hospice care.

When you place prime consideration not on extending life at all costs, but instead on being able to leave in a peaceful and comfortable manner, you enable relationships to take precedence, making for less stress and more closure for everyone involved.