Hospice care covers both mind and body

Hospice care is certainly about comfort and pain control at a physical level, but those are not the only aspects that are carefully looked after. This quote from a MyFox Tampa Bay article explains:

“We do have a lot of medicines and treatments to make people comfortable and peaceful at the end of life,” said Dr. Michele Marziano, with Lifepath Hospice. “It helps the person who is dying, and helps the family too to see their patients in comfort at the end of life.”
That includes medicine to relieve pain, nausea and vomiting, and oxygen to make breathing easier. There’s specialized radiation and chemotherapy to ease discomfort.
But Dr. Marziano says there is also a focus on emotional pain.
“Hospice educates the families for what to expect, and that’s really helpful,” she said. “We have the social workers, chaplains, volunteers — it’s a team approach to help relieve the suffering and pain of families.”

As Dr, Marziano stated, hospice takes great measures to meet the needs of patients and their loved ones and, with word of the effectiveness of this type of care spreading, the popularity of hospice care is expected to continue rising at a solid rate.

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