What hospice care is all about

The word hospice is sometimes spoken in hushed tones. It can conjure feelings of sadness, because by its very definition, it involves caring for someone who is terminally ill.
Hospice, however, also has the same word root as hospitality. And who doesn’t like hospitality?
Because home typically is a safe haven, many people with life-limiting illnesses, given a choice, would rather be home than in a health-care facility. However, they often need special care.
“It embraces life. Many people view hospice as a death sentence, but on the contrary, hospice is really all about maximizing life,” said Vicki Rate, an oncology nurse and president of Friends of Hospice, an auxiliary of the Hatfield-based North Penn Visiting Nurse Association.

This quote, from a Reporter Online article, describes the dark way hospice care is sometimes viewed, but also sheds light on the brighter side, the fact that the real goal is to make the end of life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Hospice care consists of entire teams devoted to every aspect of a patient’s needs, from pain management to companionship and counseling, making it an ideal choice when compared to cold and intrusive hospital care.

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