Hospice care has many advantages

Modern medicine works many miracles, but when it comes to the point where it can no longer slow or cure an illness, there are many reasons to seek hospice care. Recently, myOptumHealth.com put together a compelling list:
Reasons for choosing hospice
Death with dignity. You are not hooked up to machines other than those that might ease pain or symptoms. You’re less likely to undergo distressing tests and don’t receive treatments that are no longer effective in curing your illness.Comfort. Pain management is a priority. Studies confirm that people in hospice are more likely to have pain controlled than those receiving end-of-life care in other settings.Quality of life. Hospice addresses emotional and spiritual needs. This helps the ill person come to terms with death and reduces the stress of dying.Remaining at home. Most people prefer to die in the privacy of their own homes, surrounded by loved ones and pets. Hospice enables the care team to come to you.Financial concerns. Hospice care typically costs less than hospital or nursing home care if you have a terminal illness. Plus, Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurers usually cover most or all of the costs.Caregiver support. Families who received hospice care reported a “favorable dying experience” more often than those whose loved one died in a hospital.Hospice counsels families so they know what to expect as an illness advances.Respite care is provided so family caregivers get a break.Caregivers are relieved of paperwork. Hospice often helps coordinate claims and bills for the services provided.Families receive bereavement support for a year after a loved one dies.Lack of home caregiver. People living on their own or with someone not up to the demands of caregiving can get compassionate end-of-life care at a hospice located in a hospital, nursing home or other facility.

Literally hundreds of studies, many of them referenced in the pages of this blog, have proven these statements to be true. As always, the decision is up to the individual, but with so many pros and very few cons, hospice is becoming a common choice.

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